Alpaca Gloves - "Rayas"

$ 34.99

  • Hand crocheted with Super Fine 100% alpaca fiber

  • Luxurious combination of superior warmth and elegance

  • Shaped to follow the natural contours of your hand

  • Perfectly fits most average-sized women's hands

  • Incredible craftsmanship with an attention to detail

Treat yourself or your loved ones to the gloves you've always dreamt of wearing!  These 100% alpaca gloves are a perfect accessory to any winter wardrobe.  They are the pinnacle of luxury due to the incomparable warmth of alpaca combined with modern style.  The striped pattern design is a classy departure from common solid color gloves.  The palms of the alpaca gloves are crocheted separately with a solid alpaca yarn that combines and contrasts beautifully with the top of the alpaca gloves.

The premium quality of the yarn used in our alpaca gloves is completely free of synthetic materials, meaning you will experience the unadulterated elegance of the noble alpaca fiber.  You will notice the superb warmth, water-resistant properties, and of course incredible softness.  As with all of our products, these alpaca gloves are made to last.  The skill and craftsmanship can be seen from the precision edges of the gloves to the parted detail at the wrist.  These gloves fit remarkably well because of their special shaping that accommodates the natural shape of your hand.  They are in a perfect fit for most average-sized women's hands.

We work directly with a small extended family of Aymara women in Bolivia.  They craft their fair trade gifts with absolute consideration for detail that will be appreciated.  They seek to overcome their poverty through this fair trade partnership that will bring their skills to the eyes of the rest of the world.  These alpaca gloves are not mass-produced, but rather you will be buying a part of the Bolivian culture, made for you by Bolivian hands. 

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