Fair Trade República:  Luxury & Style Meet Fair Trade Ideals

Bolivia is a land lost in time, a land of ancient cultures isolated and preserved through the centuries high in the Andes mountains.  It is an other-worldly land of spectacular extremes and contrasts, where the desert meets the moon and stark peaks tower over lush rainforest.  Bolivia is an absolute must-see among the South American attractions, however underrepresented on the world stage, residing in the shadow of its more famous neighbors.

And just like in the country itself, at Fair Trade República you will find the unique, the beautiful, and the spectacular that Bolivia has been hiding from the outside world.  The fair trade gifts  and alpaca apparel we present to you are not souvenirs or products to be had at South American tourist markets.  These artisans and their products are carefully selected for their exquisite craftsmanship, superior quality, and designer style and represent the very finest the continent has to offer.

Despite its rich culture and wealth of resources, Bolivia remains a country left behind.  Still today, the effects of corruption and horrific exploitation throughout the centuries continue Bolivia's tragic history and status as the most impoverished country in South America.

With such little developed trade, Bolivian artisans have the skill and materials to create incredible products, but scant hope of being able to sell them anywhere aside from on the streets and in small local shops.  The possibility of developing a sustainable and thriving business that utilizes their talents is certainly slim. We at Fair Trade República have a vision of enabling these indigenous and impoverished artisans to build their own successful and sustainable businesses founded in creativity and skill, while also shining the light on the natural and cultural splendors Bolivia has to offer.